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Let Your Website Design Do the Selling - 27 Sep 2016 10:08


Just as most of us do with the daily papers, most website visitors spend a very short time scheming through till something captures their attention. For a web design to be said to be effective, it should be a design that converts leads into sales. The web design needs to give the bigger part of the story at a glance by being captivating. With the ever diminishing concentration levels over the generations, no company can actually afford a poor web design. A good wed design should:

Capture Attention and Communicate

A web design that sells should communicate with the site visitor within the first 10 sec. if not 5 sec. This is only possible if it addresses the interest of the visitor. What you want the website visitor to see should be strategically placed and written in simple, easy to understand words. If the visitor is looking for a commodity, service or information, it should be conspicuous.

The web design should take into account The Gutenberg Theory, which suggests that the first part the eyes of a page visitor lands on is the left upper quarter of the page. The left lower part gets the least attention while the right upper gets the greatest attention. The final part that the eye mostly lands on is the lower right quarter. With these, a web design that is to convert leads into sales, it should shave the relevant information at every vantage point on the page.

Visitors should find it easy to navigate through your page. Giving explanations and using images to give directions on whatever step is anticipated to be the next world make it visitor friendly. Arrange your data in a sequence that makes sense to the visitor and make it easy to follow. Adding video clips would give the site a great boost in this era of decreased concentration span. As it is said, a diagram is worth 1000 words, then a video clip would be worth a thousand diagrams.

Color Scheme

The color is a very powerful tool for any prolific web designer. Color can be used for attracting attention, creating desire, expressing meaning, feeling conversations that can win customer loyalty. This can be achieved if a website has a brand identity color. Like face uses the color blue as its brand identity and that makes it stand out as unique. A big percentage of our assessments and conclusions on products are made based on their colors alone.
Therefore a website designer should put color use into careful consideration. In order to have a clean effect, a great web design that is expected to get the attention of a passerby should use colors that highly contrast. When using dull and brighter tones of the same color, use the natural colors like gray and white to balance them. The correct use of color on a website can easily convert many ordinary web browsers into loyal customers. A smart web designer just needs to identify what the web's target group is and get the correct color for them. The genders have different preferences for some colors while age also is a factor. - Comments: 0

3 Ways Designers Can Improve Working with Engineers - 14 Sep 2016 12:21


Over the last few years, designers have become an important factor in the design industry. Since engineers, as well as designers, deal with development projects, it is important to note that a healthy working relationship between the two would result in major improvement in the industry. In this article, will be discussed some ways in which this can be achieved.

Do not be a heavy burden to your engineering team

Designers should ensure that they give their engineers consistent designs. As a designer, you should be able to reread, edit and proofread your work as many times as possible, before they are provided to your engineers. In this way, engineers will find a smooth way to developing a better product.

Annotated documents should be clear. If you communicate earlier with your engineering team, you will make them aware of the critical point/notes. As the designer, try to highlight critical/explanatory notes where necessary. This will save on time, as many developers/engineers might avoid working with your style guide. If you communicate earlier, you will save the burden of time-consuming to your engineering team. A designer can have their own way of annotating documents, but common tools you can use are red pen and UX pin.

Offer your engineering team straightforward information how something should work. If there only exists an oral communication in conveying such useful information, the chances of misinterpretation of your information are high. In this view, adopt the use of tools such as flint, in vision, and pixate to control this flow of information.

Give your engineering team clear and well-organized design files. Many designers find this to be a tiresome task, but in reality, plainly named layers and comps make the engineering job easier. Thus, for instance, would make the engineers focus on developing better products.
A designer should ensure that they make the engineer’s job as easy as possible. This will ensure that the engineers dedicate much of their time in building better features. This will create a healthy environment between the two parties.

Initiate solid and realistic decisions

This is one of the important ways since your time-to-time decisions affect your working relation with your engineering team.

You need to clearly set your goals and aim. In this way, you will choose your engineering team wisely, a likelihood of good relation with your team.

You also need to understand the expected outcomes from your engineer’s perspective. In this way, you might be forced to learn some programming language and the standards you need. Such can be done by having some knowledge in web design, Mac OS, iOS, material design etc.

Maintain good communication with your engineers

As a designer, you must admit that getting advice from your engineering team will help much. Engineers are well acquainted with some unique tips that can never be ignored. You should, therefore, ensure that there exists a constant communication with your engineers, even in the absence of design projects. If a designer will wait until there is a design project, so as to communicate with their engineers, then ultimately you won't get better products. This therefore as one of the three ways of working with Engineers, is very important both inside and outside working environments.

This 3 ways of working with Engineers, if well implemented, will be a great improvement in the design and the tech industry. The designers should fight at all costs to implement these ideas. - Comments: 0

Ultra Video - 09 Sep 2016 13:46


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